Last Thursday, some grandparents came to class to share something with us. That day was grandparents’ day. One of the grandparents brought an old camera. It looked a little bit large. And other grandparent brought old Polaroid and took some pictures for students. The old stuffs are very interesting. What’s more? Children were very excited and talked a lot with grandparents about the old life.

上周,我们迎来了Grandparents’ day,也就是在一年级的时候,老师会邀请有空闲的爷爷奶奶到班级来。爷爷奶奶们会带来他们保留的古老一些的物品,向孩子们展示并且和大家分享讲述他们小时候或者年轻时候的生活。周四,爷爷奶奶们来了,我们度过了愉快的时光。小孩子们还提出自己的困惑和疑问,对爷爷奶奶手中神奇的物品们充满着好奇。


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