My host family and I took part in a baby shower Last Sunday. It’s a lot of fun. Moms and girls sat around and talked a lot about how to take care a new baby well. There are also many games and American food. I enjoyed it.And I learned the culture differences between China and America.

When we were in school this week, there were twice fire drills. Kids were similar to the stuffs. And on this Thursday, they had a fire lesson to teach them how to protect them well when fire is coming. There is a ABCs song for children to remember. And this week,we made pizza at school.Because this is a topic about teaching children how to make pizza. It’s very interesting.


上周日,我和住家参加了他们家儿媳的baby shower,这是美国的一个比较传统的活动,举办在宝宝出生前,他的女性亲戚们会带着给宝宝的礼物来参加。让我惊喜的是,几乎每个人的礼物都包括一本书。可见美国人对教育的重视程度。在中国,没有这样的仪式,但宝宝出生后会有类似交流育儿心得的活动。我觉得baby shower很有趣。



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